About Home By Holly

Home by Holly is an online home interiors boutique dedicated to bringing you cheerful interiors to brighten your home! You will find all sorts of quirky, pretty decorations and accessories to quench your interior thirsts!

I absolutely believe that positivity is key in life and I love handpicking interiors that embody this as well as promoting a happy, positive platform for everyone to enjoy. I am excited to say that Home by Holly is also an official MIND Charity fundraiser too so look out for special items where donations are given to MIND throughout the year. 

Products at Home by Holly are constantly evolving and new stock is regularly updated to keep the products brought to you fresh and unique as well as handmade items that are bespoke and can be tailored to your requirements.

Keep an eye on the Home by Holly instagram for regular sneak peeks of upcoming stock and products as well as my blog and newsletter for a good old natter!

About Holly

Hello and welcome to Home by Holly launched in June 2020 by myself, Holly!

I have always had a HUGE obsession with home interiors, the type where as you approach a home store you start to get palpitations of excitement, or, go to purchase a potato masher and leave with a 6ft flamingo lamp (and then spend the whole journey home justifying to yourself how this lamp will benefit all aspects of your life greatly and why you just absolutely HAD to have it).

I’m super creative too and for years have enjoyed creating bespoke, handmade pieces ranging from jute bags to Christmas stockings and lots more, I truely love to craft and this passion is exactly why I’ve always dreamt of launching my own interiors shop.

My ultimate goal is to bring you both handpicked and handmade interiors, gifts and accessories that will hopefully bring you that same joy and excitement as I get when I enter a store or chill out with the laptop (and often chocolate of some kind) and browse for my latest interior squeeze!

Happy scrolling!


holly bennett, owner of home by holly