Hey guys! Thank you for tuning into my second blog and of COURSE the positivity received for the first blog! I never really set a plan for when to blog and what to blog about and wanted to just go with what felt natural so I wanted to do a blog today about something I am VERY passionate about!! BASKETS!

I love a good basket purchase and always gravitate towards them when I am in any home ware store, but something I get asked a lot (before and after starting Home by Holly) is how I style them and what I put in them, so if this interests you then read on…

Sometimes I go to a store purposely to get a basket and I have something in mind I need it for (for example when the dogs chew their fifth toy basket in 6 months, I won’t lie, I genuinely get excited by the mounds of wicker knowing that this means I can go and buy another one!) However sometimes I’ll see a set of baskets, absolutely love them, come home and then stare at them hopelessly wondering where on earth I am going to put them and what I could possibly put in them that is a) not already in another basket, or b) actually in my possession to put in a basket without having to go BACK to the shop to buy a selection of pretties to go in there (YES I’ve been known to do this for both baskets AND shelves!!)

So! This brings me onto the purpose of this blog – to show and share with you various ways to style your baskets to make them pleasing to the eye but also practical! I have included some of my own pics at home to get your minds going!

The first thing to think about it what room you want to keep the baskets in, because this is where your options start, let’s start with the kitchen and work our way round.


Things you could include:

– Recipe books
– Wooden spoons
– Kitchen roll
– Napkins
– Spices/jars

Living room

– Throws
– Books
– Candles
– Coasters
– Plants
– Decorative – acorns, artichokes etc


– Toiletries
– Face cloths
– Toilet roll
– Candles
– Cotton wool


– Sleep mask
– Night/hand cream
– Books
– Medication if needed
– Candle/room mist

Of course your lists don’t have to stop there, these are just my ideas, but remember there’s no right or wrong way to style a basket! If you want to put your old socks in there – DO IT! if you want to only use them to display perfectly rolled hand towels which are NEVER to be touched – DO IT!

The baskets have to work for you! I personally am a sucker for putting plants in a basket, but let’s be honest, plants already have a home – a pot – and sometimes even an outer pot too! So it may seem a bit extreme then putting them in a basket on top of that, but hey! They look divine and if it’s another excuse to have a perfectly positioned pom pom basket on my window sill you won’t find me complaining!

Quick tip before I go – remember that placement of the basket is also important – you don’t want to put a wicker basket without a lining in a bathroom as the moisture will cause mold, therefore I prefer wire or plastic baskets in the bathroom to avoid this. I prefer to keep wicker and wooden vibes in the living room/bedroom as they’re super cosy!

I hope this post has helped you or at least given you SOME sort of inspo of what/where/how to style your baskets! I would love to see your photos so don’t forget to tag HBH in your pics!

Thanks for reading and speak to you all soon!

Holly xx