holly bennett, owner of home by holly

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first blog post! By this point you will have (hopefully) figured out that my name is Holly – lover of cockapoos, wine, all things pink and I’m totally random with no filter 98% of the time, and now, the founder and director of Home by Holly.

I say founder and director, but I am basically EVERYTHING that goes on behind the little green heart of HBH, so I wanted to give you a little insight into a bit about my love for interiors.

So first things first, I am a HUGE shopper, I’ve always had what I would say is a shopping and spending addiction! 

I will always try and think of reasons why I absolutely have to have something – even the most ridiculous reasons like I could die tomorrow and how much better would it be if I died knowing I got that totally extra bubblegum lamp – and so on. I bought my first home in 2017 and my love for interiors only grew from this point, BUT, my love of interiors and decorating goes back a long, long way.

When I was young I remember watching “Changing Rooms” and “Ground Force” on repeat as often as I could (obviously we didn’t have plus 1 or on demand back then so this wasn’t an easy task!) I remember days where I would tell my parents not to come into a certain room because I was busy giving it a makeover, moving furniture around, blankets, cushions – you name it, I moved it, despite probably only being about 3 ft something. I used to LOVE calling the family into the room to see, what I thought, was a masterpiece totally worthy of the big screen!

Nowadays we have the likes of “Homes under the Hammer” and not to mention the ENDLESS Instagram home accounts to inspire us to go out and spend more money to have that perfect home – I’ve never known something to give me such highs and lows as Insta Homes – one minute I am cooing over that perfect shot of my Iced Latte with my newest home purchase in the background feeling super proud of myself (of course wondering when I’m going to get headhunted for Ideal Homes magazine) and the next I am power walking through the aisles of B&M with a basket full of paint and wallpaper because I’ve seen a green toaster on Instagram I have to have – and in order to have said toaster I have to redecorate the whole room so it feels happy and content in its new home – this, my friends, is the absolute story of my life. I am that person who will whip a tin of paint out at 10.30pm and starts grafting, or that person who will randomly decide to rip a fireplace out on a Tuesday morning before work. I’ve also been known to participate in the odd plastering course at college – now THAT was an experience! Safe to say I was the only one to leave the class each week with plaster in my eyebrows, I most definitely was NOT a natural to the trowel!

So I guess you can I say I’ve always loved interiors, I love taking something old and making it new – hence my love for upcycling and making handmade items which you will see more of later in the year on the website so watch this space.

In the meantime I can’t wait to share with you all my handpicked faves I am going to be stocking, I can truthfully say that I would happily have every single item in my home (which, currently, I do – turns out trying to get ready to go out in a room full of wicker baskets everyday is not easy and frankly quite dangerous), however there are so many pieces I can’t bear to part with and often sneak some onto the odd shelf or table – well if I can’t promote my own products then who can hey?!

Anyway, that’s probably enough for me and my interior obsession for one night, but keep an eye for future blog posts about anything and everything interiors/home related!

Thanks for reading

Holly xx