Hey guys!

Happy December! I thought what better than to do a CHRISTMAS blog to help spread some festive cheer during these uncertain times.

A couple of weeks ago I ran a poll on my Instagram for ideas on how to get in the festive spirit given a lot of us cannot go too far, I had an AMAZING response and thought it would be great to publish the ideas in a blog to help everyone get in the mood!

Whether your decs are up yet or not (mine are going up this weekend!) these ideas will 100% get you feeling all festive inside!

Christmas baking!

Get some festive music on, some pretty cookie cutters (you can get fab ones in the bargain shops in all Christmas shapes) and get cooking! Whether its biscuits, cakes, sausage rolls (a MUST for me every year!) have a good sing song whilst making some delicious treats. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you could even build a gingerbread house!


Christmas films!

No doubt you guys have already watched at least one already, but if you haven’t – get a little list on the go of your favourites, or better still, ones you haven’t seen before to try! Plan an evening to do this weekly and get the whole family involved – you could even make it even better and include some of the treats you’ve made from your baking session!

Christmas cards!

I’ll be honest, I never normally send Christmas cards but this year I am totally getting involved! Especially since we can’t see our close friends/family as much as before so even more reason to do it! Get your crafting hats on and make your own or there’s some great websites where you can use photos and personalise them to send out, super fun and festive!

Christmas crafting!

Other than making cards, an idea I LOVED was to have an afternoon of arts and crafts, great for kids BUT even without them I find arts and crafts so therapeutic! You can get amazing paper mache Christmas figures to paint in the craft shops nowadays or if you prefer to just get a mass amount of glitter and glue and throw it only a coloured piece of card – DO IT!

Christmas giving!

Finally, an idea I thought was SO kind was to help out in a local foodbank/charity, I know this won’t be possible for everyone given the current restrictions but why not donate a gift or some food to local charities or Christmas appeals to help someone else out, there’s lots of advertisements on local radios about how to do this so check out what’s around your local area and help bring some joy to those who really need it!

I hope these ideas help you all get in the festive spirit! I will definitely be trying them out throughout December! Hope everyone is keeping safe and managing to do all your Christmas shopping – huge thank you to everyone for your orders! There is no better time to shop local and support small businesses!

Speak soon and take care!